Contemporary Abstract and Realism
by Artist Konnie Laumer
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Red Jasper Cabachone Beaded Bracelet
part of series: BRACELETS
Medium to Large Wrist Size
gemstone Sterling Silver Jewelry
Dec 2013
This bracelet has a large Red Jasper cabachone. The sterling silver setting has our newest signature pattern. This bracelet has ten chains with gemstone beads of blue agate and lacy agate.

Introducing my new line of beaded chain bracelets. Be one of the first to own this amazingly designed bracelet! These bracelets are designed by me and co-created with Michael Leonard at Healing Force Design Studio. They were created with comfort and fashion in mind. Showing no clasp and each will be unique until the design is standardized and marketed, which is our goal.

After months of development this design with Michael Leonard and Healing Force Design Studios, where the clasp is hidden to bring the chains all the way around your wrist and is, in fact, part of the design.

The beading was hand twisted and attached by Konnie personally. This is one of our very first and is stamped with Konnie's signature on the back. We will soon be posting more as they come out of our studio. So please check back often!

I will personally custom size and design one for you. Please contact me at:

International buyers, please contact me prior to purchase for shipping fees.
$385.00 (+ $6.00 shipping)
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