Contemporary Abstract and Realism
by Artist Konnie Laumer
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Pyramids IOI
48" X 18" X 1-1/2"
Acrylics with tones of Metallic and Iridescent paint
As with myAmun, Sun & Luna painting, I resinate with everything Egypt. I've even had dreams of being in a school where we were taught levitation of large stones. One of those dreams that seem more to be another reality.

There are those who say pyramids exist on a grid all around the earth, and when activated, well, turn mother nature on. I love the idea that this might have been free energy so far back even the conspiracy theorist's are not set on dates.

This painting is 100% reflective metallic and iridescent colors that is best seen lit up to experience the multitude of blended metallic colors. I would recommend a nice simple spot light for full reflective affect of this illuminating painting.

This painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Because this painting is painted entirely with metallic and iridescent paints, it will never reproduce with true color representation as a giclee. A one of a kind for sure original.

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Now accepting projects for the coming year. Please contact me if you are interested and have a photo you'd like a painting of. I LOVE a challenge! Challenge me please.
$1,500.00 (Shipping: 0.00)
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